Monthly Update – Market Updates & Insight to PFF 2014 Presentation!

Greetings from the Land of Kansas!!  Spring is just around the corner, or so we thought, yet it seems winter just can’t quite give up on the cold and snow..

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Monthly Update – Quality is #1 Priority!

  As the newest member of the LANI Management Team, I have the privilege of writing our first installment of a monthly piece where we will discuss what we do..

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Introducing our new QA Director

 Ryan Roberts is Lortscher’s new Quality Assurance Director. He started in November 2013  and has already excelled within his department. Ryan holds a B.S. in Feed Science and  Management and..

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Monthly Update from our Procurement Team

Corn and soybean harvest is under way! Yields have been better than expected, which should provide some relief on ingredient prices. Pet-grade brown rice continues to remain strong due to..

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We Love our Customers

Our customers are the greatest customers one could ever hope for. We hope that your business continues to be successful and we especially want to say thank you for allowing..

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