January 2017 Market Updates

Yellow peas have had a strong gain in pricing over the past couple of weeks. The market seems bullish for the time being, we expect prices to level out soon. This commodity is something to definitely keep your eye on. Strong influences have been government tenders as well as large purchases to increase pea protein production. Chickpeas are another crop to keep your eye on. Strong demand in human and petfood markets, coupled with a less than ideal weather for the growing season has caused elevated prices. We see the market continue to be bullish until new crop. Lentils have been readily available for quite a while as we have seen that last year many more acres were planted to try and capitalize on last year’s higher pricing. Flaxseed has seen a slight increase, as expected from its previous historic lows.

Salmon harvest has been better than expected this last month, however total production has been still short of quotas. With environmental and microbiological concerns, the verdict is still out on how much high grade salmon is forecasted and available. With that being said, there are available sources for lower grade salmon. This premium/super premium market is expected to continue to be strained until the deficit has been reduced.


–Loren Topp, Purchasing Agent