February 2017 Market Updates

Pea markets have relaxed since last week due to Canadian sellers releasing stock. At the moment prices should stay steady for a couple weeks. As with almost every year, pulse markets will look to be bullish through the start of new crop. Oats and oat products remain to be steady. Brewers and broken rice will see a slight drop as mills started to gain momentum on export and other milling business. Prices should remain steady at the low pending what business and exports come through this summer. Brown rice prices look to remain steady as farmers are reluctant to sell at the lower price the market currently has slated for them. There is plenty of stock this year for brown rice. Prices should be unaffected through the spring. Salmon fishing has stopped around Peru due to the high levels of juveniles and current spawning. This cuts out a couple weeks of harvest. We are still under meeting quota by a fair margin. As with the rest of the year, it looks that prices on high protein low ash salmon meal will continue to increase in price, due to the smaller fish caught this season.


– Loren Topp, Purchasing Agent