Sales & Customer Service

Lisa Kidd – Sales Manager

Keeley Brown – Customer Service Representative










Here at Lortscher’s, we take pride in that we consider our company a “family” and our coworkers brothers and sisters. Our goal is to have customers feel that they are an extended part of our LANI family. Only a phone call or email away, we are accessible to our customers day in and day out.

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Dani Haverkamp

When a diet is produced, that is when we are at our finest. Every process controlled and logged to ensure that the end product is to the satisfaction of not only the client, but the end customer.

Quality Assurance & Formulation

Ryan Roberts

We are proud to take a long-lasting proactive approach on improving the safety of our manufacturing practices and ingredient procurement. These constant measures of sampling, testing and verifying ensures integrity throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process. With the utilization of an on-site quality assurance laboratory and staff, we are able to trust and verify in-bound ingredients and finished products for the quality and safety you expect.



Jason Rokey

Loren Topp

Chris Frey

Great ingredients are the key to great diets. We match your specifications with our suppliers to make sure that you get the quality and nutritional value that you are wanting from the final product.