May Market Updates

Fishing in the north of Peru has been quite good with daily catch in the 40,000 m/t range, except for the first couple of days when there were fewer vessels..

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September Market Updates

As we head into fall there are many ingredients prevalent in pet food that will be or have already started in their harvest time. Yellow and green pea prices are..

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LANI’s Partnership With KSU

  In October, Lortscher Animal Nutrition Inc. had a great opportunity to showcase our business at the Petfood Innovation Workshop and Kansas State’s Pet Food Experience. This event was hosted..

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Be sure and come by our booth (#628) next week at the PetFood Forum in Kansas City! We have a lot of exciting news for 2015 that we would love..

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November 2014 Pet Food Industry Ad

LANI Personnel Changes

  After 7 years, our Plant Manager Max Olson left Lortscher’s to take on a new adventure. He accepted a position that took him closer to family. Friday, Dec. 12th,..

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Monthly Update – Ingredient Selection and Sourcing – Your First Line of Defense

Success in today’s industry requires an unwavering commitment to food safety as advances in technology keeps the customer more informed than ever. Whether this involves shopping for groceries or purchasing..

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Jason Rokey Discusses Sustainability at Pet Food Forum in Chicago, April 2014.


Monthly Update – Market Updates & Insight to PFF 2014 Presentation!

Greetings from the Land of Kansas!!  Spring is just around the corner, or so we thought, yet it seems winter just can’t quite give up on the cold and snow..

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Monthly Update – Quality is #1 Priority!

  As the newest member of the LANI Management Team, I have the privilege of writing our first installment of a monthly piece where we will discuss what we do..

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